Pecos Warehouses Available for LEASE or PURCHASE Today

Warehouses available for LEASE or PURCHASE today.

If you are looking to lease a warehouse in Pecos, Texas (Reeves County), you probably already know that the pickings are slim. Yes, there is a plethora of truly “legacy” buildings, whereas the census of modern buildings is very limited.  That means there is a vexing trade-off between modernity and availability. But, First Keystone is the leading developer willing and able to build and lease new Pecos warehouses because we have a core commitment to elevate the Pecos community to equal status with Odessa and Midland. Our mission is to deliver modern warehouse space in Pecos, the hub of the Delaware Basin.  The warehouse category is in desperately short supply, and if Pecos is going to be a genuine hub for servicing oil & gas infrastructure, then enhancing the array of warehouses in the heart of Reeves County is a top priority.  This is true for the entire community.   

First Keystone is ready to help you now.

First Keystone is building and leasing a broad array of Pecos warehouses as small as 3,000 sf and up to sizes exceeding 10,000 sf  We offer numerous sizes and configurations for a wide range of warehousing purposes. Since we specialize in leasing warehouse space in Pecos, we have state-of-the-art buildings immediately available for occupancy. The variety ranges from barebones to outfitted with over 2,500 sf of offices.  And now RV spaces are part of our mix!  Remember, we even offer build-to-suits — and we are very creative!  Naturally, we also offer warehouses to buy in Pecos, as well.

Ideal Warehouse Uses: inventory & parts storage, assembly, servicing, B2B sales, and outdoor storage yards.  Moreover, First Keystone is committed to a first-class experience for our occupants and that means quality infrastructure along with a safe and secure environment.  Our work is not over and we fully expect to pave our roadways in 2024 making this Park the most prestigious address for warehouses in Reeves County! 

Contact Us for more information! Presented below are each of our products:

Our newest line: Chaparral

With groundbreaking taking place in early December 2023, First Keystone is expanding its line of Pecos warehouses with a more simplified model that emphasizes warehouse footprint.  Our classic line of warehouses serving the Delaware Basin typically have 20% to 25% office space, but many oilfield service companies have told us they don’t need this much.  We have responded with this no-frills solution – there is a small office/breakroom component – in the Pecos marketplace, there simply is no other warehouse facility like this one.

The Chaparral Model

5,500 sf Chaparral XL

Our Workhorse Model: Bobcat

Introduced in 2021, the Bobcat line of buildings ranges in size from 3,750 sf to 6,250 sf – these warehouses in Pecos (to rent or buy) are very popular with seasoned companies looking for a modern, but cost-effective outpost providing great access to the Delaware Basin.  These buildings appeal to lean-and-mean companies focused on functionality coupled to durable high-quality facilities.  The yards are excellent and these Pecos warehouses are serviced by city water and broadband fiber – a world-class product far from the regional hub of Midland/Odessa.  It’s a great location for our occupants who need to get to their customers’ sites right away without wasting countless hours on I-20 every week.  This is why First Keystone leases warehouses in Pecos. 

5,000 sf (Shop/Office) Bobcat XL

3,750 sf (Shop/Office) Bobcat

3,750 sf Bobcat – Pure Warehouse Space

Standard Buildings: The First Keystone

First completed in 2019, the initial set of First Keystone buildings were rolled out with many fine amenities ranging from spacious yards to 220V external chargers, and up to 2,500 sf of office space.  These standard warehouses in Pecos are proving to have a broad appeal for established service and supply companies.  We also are proud to point out that we have enjoyed British Petroleum’s subsidiary, BPX, as a tenant in one of these office/warehouse buildings for four years.  It has been a great relationship, but it has moved its Pecos-based department 50 miles north to be nearer to the location of its drilling activities. And another producer, Vital Energy (HQ Tulsa, OK) immediately replaced BPX. Indeed, Vital is using our warehousing and lay-down facilities by expanding beyond BPX’s more narrow activities. 

Right now, we will be starting construction on a 7,500 sf office/warehouse serving Pecos on a 2.75 acre lot. 

7,500 sf

10,000 sf

Customization: Build to Suit Option Available

Call Mr. Price at (215) 598-3000 (O) or (267) 278-0557 (M)

We field many requests for “bells & whistles” like extra bathrooms, RV spaces, expanded pads, electric gate openers, onsite modular housing, secure storage, liquid storage, and even railroad sidings.  Any of these features can be built into one of our models.  And our costs are the most competitive in the region, but we will never sacrifice on quality.  When you see our site, you will also fully grasp the key reason why we can claim to be the Class A location for warehouse space in Pecos. 

Learn More About First Keystone

Our broker is the Permian’s premier commercial real estate firm, Moriah Real Estate Company, with a staff tallying decades worth of experience in this marketplace.   They can help you drill down to a solution that directly meets your needs for warehouse facilities in the Delaware Basin. 

The broker for these properties is: Moriah Real Estate Company

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