First Keystone Pecos Industrial Park, L.P.

Since the early 90’s, First Keystone has been actively investing in Texas commercial real estate with an emphasis on retail centers.  First Keystone was formally founded in 2003 by Jeffrey Price.  Originally, he got started by investing in turnaround situations and experienced substantial success… Later, working with trusted operating partners in Midland and Houston (Texas), he progressed onward to invest as a co-lead Principal in both development projects and in acquiring pre-existing properties.  Most “deals” were in non-anchored retail centers; however, office buildings also constituted a significant portion of the portfolio.  

As of today, as a non-managing General Partner, First Keystone Property Group has amassed a portfolio of several office buildings, numerous neighborhood specialty retail centers, and flex buildings.  These buildings and centers are all managed by Vista Equities Group of Houston. However, in selected alternative venues, Vista/First Keystone has participated in additional real estate opportunities.  Austin has been a source of activity over the last ten years and now San Antonio has become part of the Vista/First Keystone portfolio.

As of 2016, First Keystone’s own focus has significantly shifted to pursuit of development projects in West Texas.  The sector of most interest is light industrial (“yards” for oil & gas service companies) and, potentially, retail.  One significant development project was commenced in November 2017 and has emerged as the First Keystone Pecos Industrial Park which is platted for 20 distinct units on 75 acres. The First Keystone Team is continually evaluating other opportunities in West Texas.

Our Team

Jeffrey Price

President and Founder
With over 30 years of hands-on experience as a deal-maker, Jeffrey P. Price offers interdisciplinary expertise in assessment of investment opportunities, setting of strategies, marketing plans, financings, and exits…

Nina Ritchie

Project Manager
With a proven record of delivering effective results across diverse corporate initiatives and business units, both on the strategic and tactical level, Nina Ritchie has a breadth of experience in several industries…

William Currier

Civil Engineer/Land Development
In his 35 year career in the field of civil engineering/land development design, Mr. Currier has accrued a wealth of experience in design, permitting and construction administration in both public and private sector development…

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