Available Lots

Industrial Land for Sale or Lease

Wide selection of sizes of industrial lots:

  • 2.25 acres
  • 2.75 acres
  • 3.5 acres
  • 4.0 acres
  • 4.4 acres
  • 7.5 acres
  • And they can be combined

Some are rail-served sites

  • 7.5 acres
  • Up to 20 acres


Raw (unimproved) sites also available

Key attributes of improved industrial land:

  • Direct access to state highway (TX 17) and county road (CR 204)
  • Surfaces
  • Ultra (paved)
  • Premium (top-quality crushed & screened caliche, graded & compacted)
  • Standard (6″ layer, graded & compacted)
  • Entry-level (4″ layer, graded & compacted)
  • Basic (unimproved)
  • Fences/Gates:
  • Permitting:
  • Good-to-go “as is”, but building must be permitted
  • We offer Lots pre-approved for our standard buildings
  • RV hook-ups are available

Instant Access

Even without a building, these Lots are instantly* usable for temporary offices, storage, parking, and even RV hook-ups.

Plus, we offer temporary offices (immediate occupancy) while you wait for your own custom-built building.

If you are looking to buy or lease a building in Pecos, Texas (or greater Reeves, Ward, Pecos and Culbertson Counties), you should first look at First!

*with the exception of raw land

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