What People Are Saying…

The Pecos Economic Development Corporation has had the pleasure of working with Jeff Price and First Keystone since 2016. I have placed Jeff and First Keystone in a very small class of “people who do exactly what they say” category. In the Economic Development world, you have all sorts of people coming to your community making bold predictions and promises that they never intend on fulfilling. Some might refer to them as “tire kickers”. In my 8 years at the PEDC, I have had plenty of “tire kickers”. Jeff Price came to Pecos in 2016 and made predictions and had visions of changes that he could be involved with for the betterment of Pecos. And he completely followed through on everything he said! This puts Mr. Price and his organization, in my view, in a very small group of Developers……..people that do what they say!

The Pecos EDC completely and totally recommends Jeff Price and First Keystone for any project that you might be considering in the future.

Kenneth Winkles, Jr.

Former Executive Director, Pecos Economic Development Corporation


My business relationship with First Keystone and Jeff Price spans a period of over twenty-five years and numerous real-estate oriented investment partnerships.

During that time, I have been impressed with Jeff’s business acumen, integrity, forthrightness, and attention to detail.

As an investor in First Keystone’s Pecos Industrial Park, I believe their business plan is sound, and their understanding of the market has been “spot on”. In addition, their ability to deliver a quality project, in a sometimes challenging economic environment, has been most impressive.

Woody Mann, Jr.

President, Vista Equities Group, Inc.


I’ve had the opportunity to be the project manager on 5 different buildings for the First Keystone Group and have known Jeff Price and Widge Currier for about 5 years now. It has been a real pleasure to be a part of this journey. Their communication has always been quick, efficient and to the point. They’ve been very understanding when changes needed to be made in the field, and they’ve done everything they could on their end to make working with them as painless as possible. Their goal is the same goal as mine, which is to provide the end user with a great quality and functional, practical building, that will serve their needs for many years to come. I hope that this working relationship between First Keystone and Fehrs can continue for many years, and that we can work on many more projects together in the future.

Ronnie Friesen

Project Manager, Fehrs


If you are looking to buy or lease an industrial building or warehouse in Pecos, Texas, you should first look at First!

Our long-standing involvement in Texas real estate, oil and gas gives us the insight and knowledge that can help clients of all backgrounds who are looking to serve the burgeoning energy development activities in and around Pecos.

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