Reeves County

Recent History of Oil & Gas

Reeves County is The Hub of the booming Delaware Basin, which make industrial property in Reeves County so in demand. Once a sleepy town on the periphery of the Permian Basin, it ascended into the limelight when modern completion techniques were applied to rock out in the Delaware sector of the legendary Permian Basin.  By the early 2010s, the Delaware was emerging as its own important drilling province (see the maps below).  Reeves County’s rig count ascended from the 20s five years ago into the 70s over a four-year period.  And since then, it has fluctuated in the 60s and 70s for several years, making it the #1 county in the United States for O&G drilling for over two years.  Similarly, there is breakneck activity going on in development of midstream infrastructure desperately needed to provide outtake capacity for both oil and natural gas. And, there is also a similar crush of activity going on in the area of disposal of produced water.


Reeves County is also known as a hub because all the counties contiguous to it, also being part of the Delaware Basin, have their own intensive drilling activities.  The number of rigs make the warehouses in Reeves County we have available particularly enticing. For example, those contiguous counties had a rig count in May 2019 of 144.

County Rig Count

  • Reeves 61
  • Loving 36
  • Ward 20
  • Winkler 11
  • Culberson 16


This Texas-sector of the world-class Delaware Basin constitutes 15% of the entire country’s rig count.  To put these statistics in perspective, Reeves County was once asleep and is now the county with the most intensive activity in the U.S.  And that means that industrial sites for warehousing and repairing of equipment as well as storing inventory makes Reeves County the go-to location.  (See the maps below.)  And, Pecos is the largest and best-located community in this region.  Pecos is committed to upgrading its housing and schools.  Thus, there is no better locale to situate a service facility other than Reeves County to serve the Delaware Basin. 

Transportation Infrastructure

There is another huge advantage with Reeves County as a location for industrial sites and that would be transportation.  As these maps indicate, it is bisected by two important east/west interstate highways and has two critical north/south highways in US-285 and SH-17. These roads are the main spokes cutting through Reeves that make Reeves County the critical hub for industrial sites serving the hard-working industries of the Delaware. And, TXDOT has big plans for this area (  Thus, today’s congested highways are tomorrow’s arteries ensuring that Reeves will remain the best site for industrial and warehousing activities.  And, of course, the Union Pacific RR bisects Reeves County.

With Reeves County, Texas land for sale that includes industrial property, warehouses and oil production, Reeves County is the center of it all!  Contact us today to learn more about our Reeves County, Texas land for sale.