First Keystone Property Group

Since the early 90’s, First Keystone Property Group has been actively investing in Texas commercial real estate. First Keystone was formally founded in 2003 by Jeffrey Price. Mr. Price is a financial entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful enterprises. He currently concentrates his professional activities in upstream oil and gas investing as well as in real estate development.

Leveraging off of a family connection in the Permian Basin, Mr. Price transferred his focus over to oil & gas in 2005. His principal approach to investing in oil & gas is simply to pick exploration projects and then manage the complex set of risks unique to this sector. As has been his approach in real estate investing (concentrated in the Houston area since 1991), Mr. Price always invests in conjunction with locally-based partners who are full-time immersed in that particular venue. His area of concentration in oil exploration is West Texas and Oklahoma, although specific projects have taken him as far afield as Alaska. Read more about Mr. Price.

Originally, in the 90’s, First Keystone got started by investing in turnaround situations located in Houston and Midland. Working with trusted operating partners in Midland and Houston, he progressed onward to invest as a co-lead Principal in both development projects and in acquiring pre-existing properties. These "deals" were primarily non-anchored retail, office and flex buildings as well as undeveloped land.

As of 2016, the focus had significantly shifted to pursuit of development projects in West Texas. The sectors of most interest are light industrial ("yards" for oil & gas service companies), potentially, and retail. One significant development project was commenced in November 2017 and others are "in the works".

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